Putting Stubbornness to Good Use

"I really think this is good for you!" said a friend over the phone. He'd been telling it to me in our conversations. All of us are stubborn in some ways, but few people can put their stubbornness to good use. So, I decided to put mine. "Have you tried it?" I asked him. "Not … Continue reading Putting Stubbornness to Good Use


Parable of the Hen and the Early Worm

Each day before I start blogging, I first look out the door of our small porch to survey my neighborhood and often see my neighbor's hen. It's a funny looking, slender young hen with kind-of long legs. tiny body. ┬ácomic head and wide, wondering eyes. It roams around the street all day, always making a … Continue reading Parable of the Hen and the Early Worm