Stopping Awhile to Watch the Rain. Have You?

Ateneo de Manila

Rains were often a hassle to me especially when rain got my shoes and socks all wet and even smelly after I wade through a street flood. That’s why I love summer. But that was before I stumbled on a revelation. One day I got caught trapped on a sidewalk due to heavy rains while I was waiting for a ride home. Then I saw it.

Have you stopped awhile to watch the rain, I mean really watch it? Watch it falling in big drops en masse and washing everything afresh? It makes people separated by distance (and probably by preferences and prejudices) cringe close together, perfectly united to protect themselves from getting wet. And I love the sight where people share umbrellas together for the same purpose. Sometimes they huddle and huggle in narrow bus stops and waiting sheds to save each other from the rain.

Rain does that. And if rain does so much wonders like that to people, I don’t mind getting my shoes and socks all wet. The sight of torrential rain hitting windshields and street pavements hard and getting everything wet becomes magic moments. You watch and take in all this, finally realizing why God created rain and rainy days. It still is a hassle, especially this side of the world where laundry clothes are sometimes still made to dry out in the sun (especially if you can’t afford machine laundry), but the way it promotes care and unity far outweighs its inconveniences.

Rain stirs up my fondest memories, too. I remember times when I was in grade school, high school and college and my friends and I walked in the rain and allowed ourselves to get wet because we all shared my umbrella. There was a time when my high school classmate and I decided to walk the length of Rizal Avenue one rainy afternoon from A. Bonifacio to Blumentritt to Carriedo. In the rain, you freely talk about a lot of things and not realize how far you’ve gone.

I love rain when in Baguio City where thick mists cover everything, leaving only the tops of pine trees visible or when I’m in a car watching how the world outside gets bathed in rain. Most of all, I love rain when I’m with my wife alone in our small bedroom and classes on all levels are suspended and we’re huddled together sharing silly stories. It’s also a good time to watch a good, inspiring movie on TV while you lie down together in bed. One time we did this watching, “Daig Ka ng Lola Ko.”

I used to complain a lot about rain, especially thunderstorms. I still hate thunderstorms, especially the way it affects our internet connection. But then I realize how it’s an opportunity to rest my eyes and turn it from staring at the PC screen all day to looking out the window, afar, watching the rain and lightning and listening to the thunder and the rain pattering on everything, I immediately see why God allows thunderstorms, besides purifying and ionizing the air around with them.

The next time you have an appointment and it suddenly rains hard—and you can cancel the appointment—cancel it and stay home, and watch the rain…and be healed.


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