How to Demolish Frustration


Frustration is painful, especially if you expected the best results from a reliable person or thing. The pain is worse when it comes to ambitions gone awry. It’s okay to be frustrated with how your cooking turned out, looking and tasting strange and far different from how it was pictured in the recipe book, and things like that. But frustrated with your career or love life?

First, Frustration Demolishes You

Often, recovering from frustration like that can be hard work, if not frustrating in itself. I remember the time when I couldn’t finish college due to a silly ailment. There was nothing I could do about it because my hormones dictated what I could and couldn’t do. All my future seemed to hang on the thin thread of my college diploma—and it snapped. At a young age, I was so worried about what job I could land on without credentials. And how about my future? My income source? In fact, my entire life.

That’s not to mention about my love life. With no college degree, no job and money, who would fall for me? Would I ever have a family of my own? How about my dream house and car? My dream gym and backyard vegetable garden? With a frustrated college stint, how would my dreams materialize if I’d just be stuck with blue-collar jobs all my life? My best shot was to at least land on pink-collar jobs.

You can just imagine how devastated I was when I became a college dropout against my will. Everyday was gloomy and uncertain. Everyone looked down on me while my contemporaries were graduating from college, passing board exams, landing on top job positions and becoming respected professionals. They looked at me as if saying, “What happened to you?”

At least my love-life had a bit of some color to it. Funny as it sounds, some girls still fell for me—pretty, decent girls at that. And I couldn’t understand why. For sure, they were not suffering delusions due to hunger, for they came from well-to-do families. And it wasn’t as if they were running out of admirers, because they had a lot. They also had high IQs. So what was wrong with them? Or was it something wrong in me?

So I had my share of frustrations. Sometimes I think I got more than my share of them. If shares of frustrations could be traded on the stock market, I’d be a billionaire by now.

Then You Demolish It

But one day I learned a great lesson in life. Frustrations are really weak structures that look big and strong, deceiving you so they can always stand in the way of your success. You know how sometimes, due to unconstrained anger, you throw a fragile plate on a solid wall and break it to pieces? I did something like that on the wall of my frustrations. But guess what. The plate didn’t break, but the wall did—in small pieces.

I was shocked. The big, ominous wall broke just like that with a small, thin piece of  dinner plate. And all along I thought I was stuck with that wall of frustrations for life. All those wasted times that I let it intimidate me. Again, frustrations. But not this time—I immediately hit it with my plate and it smashed into pieces. So that’s how feeble frustrations are. They easily break. Why let them break me?

Plates are God’s Gifts

What are plates? They hold your food for you, right? Often, your favorite food. So plates, figuratively here, are anything that contain or hold what you need and what you love. You gain access to all these through dreaming. To me it’s dreaming. At least it’s what demolishes my walls of frustration. I dream of the things I want and aspire for and see them rise up before me and uproot the bogus wall of frustration that has been blocking my sight.

There are lots of things you cannot have instantly in life but which you can immediately call into existence in your dreams. Once you build your aspirations in your dreams, they grow fast and push out your wall of frustration. Having a powerful imagination helps a lot. The thing is to build your desires exactly where your wall of frustration is, grow it bigger until it knocks off and replaces the wall. That’s how I demolish frustration.

That’s why I like dreaming. I’ve been doing it since grade school but had never mastered it until recently when I demolished my wall of frustration with a plate. I’m still not that successful but at least my walls of frustration have been demolished.

And I don’t mean you just keep dreaming your frustrations away. You’ve got to back up your dreams with real hard work and strategic planning. My point is, if frustrations still happen despite your efforts, don’t let it put you down, which is what often happens if you don’t understand God’s gift of dreaming. Everything God put in your life has a use. And dreaming is a good backup plan to fight frustration amusingly while you are still trying to come up with your Plan B.

Remember my frustrations above? Well, I landed on managerial positions, and even once worked as marketing director, even if I didn’t graduate from college and had no credentials to show for my qualifications. And my love-life? I have a smart, beautiful, kind and loving wife who supports me in all my dreams, plus two sons and a grandson who are promising material for dream building.

Believe me. Dreaming demolishes frustrations.


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