aid4357-v4-728px-Make-Iced-Tea-Step-8-previewPonder without Limit (Bottomless)

Tea drinking is often connected to quiet pondering and “bottomless” means without limit. Thus, Bottomless Tea. Or perhaps I should say, bottomless blogging.

This is not really about tea drinks per se, but life reflections that are pondered over a nice tall glass of iced tea served bottomless. Yet, in another sense, yes, it can be a blog on tea drinks anytime I wish to make it so. Sometimes, I do love tea.

I’m a blogger and also teach martial arts on the side. I’m also a serious truth seeker, often armed with my NIV bible. I decided to create this blog for my relaxation and free thoughts. When I’m in my “thinking couch” sipping my favorite health drink, I like to do some “bottomless writing” as my thoughts explore possibilities, as well as explore the unknown and prohibited, treading where most people won’t dare go.

I don’t mean porno or stuff like that. I like tinkering with things tradition, religion and societal norm say is wrong. Sometimes I turn bitter thoughts like that into a nice mix of iced cold tea, served bottomless. Sweet and refreshing though somewhat with a bitter aftertaste.

But most of all, Bottomless Tea is for light subjects I roll over in my mind, nothing serious but a bit inspiring (or amusing)—at least to me, that is. You may join me enjoy them as well. They say you must write for your audience to have a good blog, not for yourself. Probably. But this is, first of all, for me and my thoughts, and then shared with whoever will, as long as they can read and like my cup of tea. So what if no one else likes it? I’m sure my wife and family will. 😀

My late dad and mom kept diaries they’d been filling in daily for years. If websites and blogs were around during dad’s time, he’d have enjoined creating blogs. In his day, what he wrote got published only in newspapers and magazines nationwide. I can just imagine how he’d feel publishing his articles worldwide, and that at will and all for free. I’m going to make up for all the opportunities he missed online. And I’ll sip to that.

Since I was a kid, I have always loved to ponder. When alone, I often look afar, tilt my head a bit to the right or left and then ponder, lost to all the world. I begin to travel and see things in my mind. I even do that while in the company of friends or while discussion is going on during lectures or seminars. But I immediately catch myself, snap out of it, and go back to the present.

Quiet reflections make you see deeper into life and notice things which have been there but which you have been grossly ignoring. That quiet moment of looking inside you alone can open your eyes to the unseen. And what is unseen is real and permanent, like the world I create in my heart when I ponder on things over a glass of cold, bottomless tea.